Minnesota Startup Awards 2022

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Celebrate Minnesota Startups

Twin Cities Startup Week is proud to host the annual Minnesota Startup Awards. We are looking for the makers, inventors, innovators, and entrepreneurs that make the Minnesota startup ecosystem thrive.

The Emerging Startup Award

Recognize a hungry new company to Minnesota's Startup Community.

The Bootstrapper Award

Recognize a company who has successfully bootstrapped their technology organization.

The Corporate Champion Award

Recognize enterprise intrapreneurs driving innovation, collaboration, and support for Minnesota’s startup ecosystem.

The Impact Award

Recognize an individual who makes Minnesota a better place to launch and grow startups.

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The 10K Lakes Award

Recognize a company or organization fueling Minnesota’s startup ecosystem outside the metro area.

The Company Culture Award

Recognize a company delivering exceptional organizational performance and employee engagement.

The Inclusion Evolution Award

Recognize a company or organization contributing to a more inclusive, safe, thoughtful, and engaging community.


The Startup of the Year Award

Recognize a company that has embodied the best of the Minnesota startup community this year.



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