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September 16-23



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The Twin Cities Difference

The Fly-In Program started with a question — if we invited quality candidates to Twin Cities Startup Week and showed them what the region has to offer, would they relocate here to live, work, and play? 

The answer was a resounding "Yes."


Join The Fly-In Family

As a Fly-In Program participant, you'll be reimbursed for travel to TCSW 2022 (September 16-23) and experience TCSW workshops, networking, community events and special perks exclusive to the Fly-In Program including city tours and arts & music events.

By the end of the week, you'll understand why the Twin Cities is a great place to live, work, and play.

Get Ultimate Access

Fly-In Program participants receive an Ultimate Access pass to the entire week including special networking events. We’ll help you create an itinerary of activities that will highlight the best of the Twin Cities.

Embrace the Arts & Culture of the Twin Cities

In addition to Ultimate Access to TCSW, Fly-In participants receive a curated schedule of content. Dive into the vibrant culture of the Twin Cities through music and media at our weekend arts and culture programming and Fly-In Meetups during the week.

Find Your Next Big Investment

Many of today’s Fortune 100 companies were once startups launched in the Twin Cities. As a Fly-In participant, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with entrepreneurs building the next Target, Medtronic, 3M, Best Buy, or Cargill.

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The Twin Cities Are Waiting

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